Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another road sign?

There are a plethora of bars in Phuket and I spend much of my time listening to my friends telling me their escapades around Phuket and many of these tales I have been sworn to secrecy - Mike, Russell and Peter.

But I do smile when my friends tell me of spelling mistakes in menus, adverts and ladies speech… 

I was then shocked to find that these mistakes also creep into the Highway signs that offer the tourist a degree of hope that at least they are heading in the right direction.

But This is Thailand (TIT) and I shrug my shoulders and think whether I could be a proof reader… (no I couldn’t) BUT then I am surprised to find that the “Department of Highways allows private organisations to have roadside signs” AND then charge an amount per year after the location has been approved.

The Department of Highways will not make the sign for you but will recommend businesses that can…

No wonder there are so many signs that are clearly home made?  But are these legal?

'lost in translation' signs.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sapan Hin

photographs used with permission 
Sapan Hin, on the South end of Phuket Island, is a plethora of different things.

If you were to look at a Google map you would see a multitude of different photographs taken at the same place  with the many different things this area is.

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Kiew Tian Keng Chinese Shrine and Phuket Provincial Stadium are located here, so there are always people around. There is an evening market where local foods can be purchased, and if you are lucky, you might meet the man who plays tunes on a leaf!

The grassy area is a popular place for locals to picnic and is also popular with celebrants on the last night of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

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The versatile area is a popular venue for events  that completely contrast in nature - be it simple traditional fun fairs or the high-flying Phuket Honda Car Racing Fest.  

Then there is the newly built Musical Fountain - whatever next?

Watch this space for more …


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phuket Town Traditional Food Market

photographs used with permission - timinphuket
There are not as many places as this that have the plethora of colours, sounds and smells as here.  Early in the morning the foods are delivered and then the market is open for business by 6am.

Then the buyers arrive and choose from the enormous selection of local fruits, local vegetables, local meat, fish and other animals. There is not only the food for sale within the market area but the essential lottery tickets, flowers, coffee, fireworks and of course breakfast.

If you fancy a different breakfast 
fancy seeing something Thai please make a visit.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Can I just borrow a bicycle?"

This was a very simple question that Tim was faced with early one morning.

It sounded simple but after 20 minutes of phone call Tim was a little bemused because it was not that easy because the bike companies could help but not right then!

Tim was even more embarrassed when the staff suggested to him that Tim lend him his bicycle… because Tim has been very lazy and not been using it for the last month and it was not at Cape Panwa.

(Ed – that’s why Tim’s getting comments about his weight – hint, hint)

Tim was stumped, he had failed his concierge test…

Jamie (the guest) returned later with smiles later and Tim was prepared to apologize BUT Jamie indicated that there was no need – 2 villagers knew ‘Baz’ and ‘Ray’ who could lend him a bike.

Tanned and happy Jamie got what he wanted

View tim in phuket - a bicycle ride in a larger map

Now is there a local who has a Harley Davidson?


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where can I buy those Nike trainers?

all photographs used with permission - timinphuket
At the Front Office, a question that we are used to getting is:
“Where can I buy counterfeit or fake goods, like Nike Trainers?” 

Guests would often like to buy trademarked products that are not the real thing but are a copy of the real thing, i.e., pirate products.

To tell guests to go to places in Phuket, like Patong and a multitude of open markets throughout Phuket would be tantamount to embracing piracy, so there are a number of places where the real thing can be purchased (at obviously a greater price) such as Premium Outlet, Jungceylon, and Central.   

BUT if you want to buy those original Nike’s, the best price is at this special shop in Phuket Town:  Second Hand Shoes, which has a very large selection.