Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our hopes are sunk!!!

photo from Phuket Gazette
We have mentioned in our blog that books are shared by our guests whilst they are staying with us and that some of these books are donated to foreign prisoners doing time in Thai jails.

Well, now we are all very disappointed to learn that the ‘Hope’ (the World’s largest floating bookshop)
will no longer be visiting us.

photo taken from above room E301
After the recent 'negotiations' between taxi drivers and tour operators at the Deep Sea Port - where the 'Hope' had intended to berth - the Phuket Gazette has been flooded (sic) with accusations that the behaviour of certain members of the community in Phuket had changed the attitudes of the ship's captain?

Other conspiracies mentioned in the comments, include that the vessel is avoiding Phuket because of the inflated charges for fixing a generator here.

I know Tim is disappointed because he had a list of purchases that he was going to make… he will just have to keep searching the libraries at
Kantary Bay and Cape Panwa

But there are rumours that the Liverpool 'legends' will be visiting…


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Por Tor - Hungry Ghosts and red turtles!

Where else in Thailand can you see bright red turtles that are then chopped up into small pieces rolled in flour and deep-fried – Issan, Chang Mai, Pattaya or Bangkok?

Wrong – Phuket.

Last week was the Por Tor Festival in Phuket and the turtles were actually small or enormous cakes in the shape of a turtle!

Tim visited Phuket Town this year with his family, who left to watch the turtles being cooked, eat candy-floss and play with toy dogs in the controlled pandemonium of the market.

Tim met Jamie (from Jamie’s Phuket blog), Chaya (from Phuket Heritage Trails) and others in Siam Indigo for a cocktail whilst Chaya told them all about the Por Tor Festival and it’s traditions.

In brief it is referred to as the ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’ and the Chinese community believes that once a year the dead spirits of their ancestors will return to their homes and the turtles are (a symbol) food for them and the red colour represents wealth – similar to a Chinese Cremation.

Chaya then took them all into the heart – the market was a hub of activity, selling food, selling toys, giving out food and happiness was abound.  

The infectious happiness of the Thai people was happily shared with everybody who was there – sometimes catching an infection isn’t that bad for you.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Share your photographs

Photographs are for keeping your memories and sharing with other people.

We try to organise all the photographs that you give us into a 'photobucket'. Our Cape Panwa Photobucket is divided into a plethora of different folders.  At the time of writing there were 75 folders with a total of 2,345 photographs.

There are some great photo archive sites where your photograph is linked to a map that can tell you where the photographs were taken. 

There are also entire websites devoted to photographs of Phuket.

So why don't you join one of them to share your photographs with family, friends or like minded mates across the world.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lost your Way?

A common mistake that a lot of our visitors tell us is made is that they are taken to the wrong Cape Panwa Hotel – well there is only one Cape Panwa Hotel – but the drivers still make mistakes.

There are 2 hotels close to us, one is called the Sri Panwa Hotel and the other is the Bel-Air Panwa and  there are more hotels being built.

How can you make sure that you get to the right place? Well you can always take a piece of paper with the words "Cape Panwa" written in Thai OR simply tell the driver that Cape Panwa is the Original – a word that Thai market sellers in Patong understand.

Cape Panwa was built in 1987 in a much sought after place in Phuket.  There is a beautiful beach that is closed off on one side by a jetty and on the other by rocks - private, peaceful and perfect.

Then there is a magnificent Sino-Portuguese building called Panwa House on the edge of the sand – perfect for evening dining and traditional Thai food – an original structure and in a perfect setting.

If you need to come here just ask for the Original Hotel at Cape Panwa – this is us.

(If your driver has a special phone or software in their car here are the GPS Coordinates: 7° 48.438' N – 98° 24.551' E.)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thailand knows how to party

What springs to people's mind when they hear this are the full-moon parties highly popular with the young European tourists 

Last week in Phuket, the staff at Cape Panwa and Kantary Bay had their staff party. It kicked off with a week of football at the local school (Aonamboor) where the staff were able to show their true prowess – Phuket FC here we come…

Then there was the Raffle where every staff had a ticket and everyone won a prize – from rice cookers to a wide-screen television.

The next day was the Staff Sports Day that started off with a jog from the local village – specifically, from one of the tops of the many hills. 

Then the 'mardi gras' came to Cape Panwa – noise, singing, chanting, costumes, food and dancing! The staff enthusiastically participated in several competitions of takraw, volleyball and 'who's wearing the most outlandish costume'.

On the last evening a more traditional party was held in Phuket Town.  It, of course, involved more singing, dancing, noise and food – one week later they are still sharing their stories and photographs…