Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Au Revoir, Khun Rochidee

Cape Panwa Hotel has been lucky enough to have had Khun Rochidee since 1984, more or less: He's been the catalyst of many a joke, the reason for many broad smiles and a constant good guy who, year in and year out has placed hotel guests' needs above his own. But times move on and now we have the greatest of pleasure in announcing his promotion to the post of General Manager at Kameo House in Rayong.

Kameo House is the latest addition to our sister group of properties, The Kameo Hotel and Serviced Apartment Group and an excellent property for Khun Rochidee to start his career as a General Manager in.

Khun Rochidee, we wish you all the best in your new posting - and don't forget us! But in that plush, brand-new location we know you'll have a fun and successful stay.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Turtles in Phuket Town

There is an ancient Chinese Ceremony in Phuket called Por Tor.

The Chinese - Thais believe that during this period the spirits of their ancestors will stay on the earth for one month and they give gifts and offerings during the spirits' stay.

A prominent feature of this celebration is the number of red turtle shaped cakes –
Ang Koo.

In Thai and Chinese culture the turtle represents longevity and in the Chinese culture red represents prosperity. We purchased a turtle and we visited the Bang Nae Shrine in Phuket Town passing through the market.

Guest of the Cape Panwa offered our turtle (see picture), lit our joss sticks and candles and entered the shrine. We were then led to a very small corridor behind the shrine decorated with tiny ornate Chinese figures – similar to those at the
Chinese Temple in Phuket.

The guests and I were then led to a small ceremonial stove where we lit tissue paper from a perpetual flame and threw it into the oven – this was to create a flame to tell the spirits that we have honoured them.

Then we saw some folk Thai dancing called
Likay – this was a truly amazing and wonderful experience for us all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shopping and more in Bangkok

Tim needed a break, Christmas presents and a Shopping Fix - he took his wife Chuen and his daughter Jemma to Bangkok for the weekend.

There are regular flights with Thai Airways and they took their break at the Cape House Hotel in Central Bangkok. It was an effortless journey and they received a lovely welcome from the staff.

There are a number of different ways to get about in Bangkok but the BTS Sky Train is without a doubt the simplest way. Cape House Hotel is 2 minutes from Chit Lom station and they first visited Siam Paragon; a very glamorous air-conditioned shopping mall (read expensive).

After this they visited the adjoining Siam Centre that can be best described as 4 floors of fun with a plethora of shops – Jemma fell in love with her new clothes and trainers! - please click here for some photographs of shops.

They walked through all the markets back to Cape House; but thought that next time the pushchair would stay at home, as it was not easy to negotiate all the obstacles. They had dinner at the Italian Restaurant, Italian Bistro No.43 and then slept soundly in their one bedroom suite.

The next day was an early start and they went to Safari World – and there were animals galore, swimming polar bears, lazy lions, noisy parrots, boxing orangutans (Jemma’s favourite). a Safari Park and much more! - click here for their photographs.

They were exhausted after this - which meant they swam in the pool and relaxed in the heated Jacuzzi at Cape House followed by dinner at Central food Court – Chidlom.

The next day was a real Shopping Adventure – Chatuchak (THE Weekend Market) – taking took the BTS from Chit Lom to Mo Chit.

Chatuchak is the President of all markets – over 15,000 market stalls of……….. Everything ……….. a wonderful place – well worth a visit for your Christmas shopping – click here for their photographs.

Click here for a video of their wanderings in Chatuchak.

They are already thinking of their next visit to Bangkok - but it was nice to come back to a little piece of paradise – Cape Panwa.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Winds of Change - September, August, July, June and May

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: The sun was shining, the wind was cooling, the ice cream cold - a piece of paradise for sure. This may be considered the Rainy Season but it did not rain today when I went to the beach - but it rained when I played golf last week!

: I returned from a holiday in a very very cold Australia (now I understand "Christmas in July") to the Cape Panwa beach .... in fact I will test a cocktail at the Beach Bar this very afternoon!

Songkran was the celebration that welcomed the rain for the crops of tomorrow so we expect rain which does not always come.

The photo at the top is today (September) and the others are the previous months.

However the winds over Phuket have changed! The sun is now over the equator and the islands throughout Asia have begun to warm up and we are blessed with hotter weather – as if it was not hot enough already!

With the hotter weather over the island the moist air is pulled from the oceans leading to strong westerly winds. This means that there are large waves and red flags on the beaches on the West coast.

At the Cape Panwa Hotel we are lucky because we are on the southeastern tip of Phuket; which means that we are sheltered. As a result of this the sea at the Cape Panwa Hotel is calm and safe all year round – have a look at the photos that I took today and on the weekend.

For those of you who can tell me who sings the song ‘Wind of Change’ (I can’t stop singing it) AND who made a speech of the same name and where there is a prize to win.

This competition is now closed and a winner will be announced, thank you for your participation.

Click here for more photographs of the Cape Panwa Hotel.

Click here for YouTube of the beach in September OR on the screen below