Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket - an introduction

Jamie Monk has traveled a great many places in the world and started his blog in 1996 and has been going every since then - please click here for his profile.

Jamie is a keen diver - join Facebook to keep up to date on his activities. His blog discusses his life in Phuket with his family and much much more.

Jamie also has a wonderful array of photographs of previous Vegetarian Festivals and comments that we would like you to visit for you to learn more -
click here for his history of this amazing festival.

Cape Panwa will be visiting the Phuket Vegetarian Festival on the 24th of October (specifically the Jui Tui shrine in Phuket Town) and we will have a wonderful collection of photographs to share with you very soon - watch this space.

Bob Nevatte's photo - for more click here

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Wacharanon

Wacharanon has been with us for a long time - he joined us in 1998. He started at the Uncle Nan’s restaurant, the CafĂ© Andaman and Top of the Reef before he worked in the Lighthouse where he really found his stride.

Simon (his nickname) has an infectious smile and a laugh – well a giggle – that fills the Lighthouse.

We prepared a birthday cake for him to say thank you for all he does for the Cape Panwa Hotel and it was his birthday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not forgotten

The tsunami, for some, seems to have happened a long time ago but there are Thai families and children who still need our support.

H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Special Task Unit (SSTU) is an organization that focuses on families who need help in this area and more.

Returning guests Richard and Ness Bush liaised with us at the Cape Panwa Hotel and asked how they could help. The SSTU provided the Cape Panwa Hotel with a list of families who needed help. Richard and Ness were immediately put at ease that the SSTU could be trusted with donated money and plans were put in place to raise funds – please click here to see some of the events.

They then met some of the children who needed support and this was quickly given – please click here to see some of the visits. The SSTU are still working with these families by teaching them how to set up businesses to support themselves. If you would like to contribute to help some of the families affected by the tsunami please contact Ness via email ( or Richard or Ness Bush through their website.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mr Coconut Man

Cape Panwa Hotel is built on the side of the hill on an east-coast peninsula. The land was originally used for a coconut plantation. The hotel's buildings try to blend in with the plantation, producing a charming effect but this does not come without its difficulties.

The coconut trees thrive in the humid environment of the hotel's grounds and many of the trees are over 20 metres tall, making them bend and sway with the sea breezes and creating a hazard in windy conditions, with falling coconuts aparticular danger.

This is where the Coconut Man comes in. To watch him scale a tall and slender tree to cull, then drop the nuts from a great height has to be seen to be believed.

Click here for a youtube of Mr Coconut