Wednesday, July 27, 2016

9 reasons a trip to Thailand is good for the soul


1) The food will retest your taste buds
 - there is a selection of restaurants in and around Cape Panwa Hotel
2) You get a great massage for like 5 bucks
 - 500 Baht adjacent to the beach (more in the Spa)
3) The beaches will force you to relax
4) Festivals give you a direct access to another culture
 - there are a great many in Phuket (here's one)

5) There are tens of thousands of temples here 
 - here is a map of some of them
6) The markets are a visceral experience
- and there seems to be more and more
7) When you are tired of the beach you can head to the mountains
- and the rainforests and waterfalls towards the North of Phuket Island
8) The fruit alone is medicine for your body
- and there is a vast selection to choose from

9) The hotels will make you feel like a queen (or a king)
 - at Cape Panwa Hotel and Spa we hope that we can do just that....

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