Thursday, December 31, 2009

The beach at Cape Panwa.

The beach at Cape Panwa is sheltered, an ideal place to sit in the shade with a cocktail or a cold beer, plus it’s lots of fun for children. You won’t see red warning flags flying here as the rip tides and dangerous currents of Phuket’s west coast are non existent in this southeastern secluded spot. 

One thing that is very important to staff members at Cape Panwa is the state of our beach. That’s why we have regular beach clean ups

It’s hard work but we have a lot of fun doing it and it’s rewarding to see the result.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Thai Weddings at the Cape Panwa Hotel

 We have just had two very special Thai-Style Weddings at Cape Panwa Hotel.

Our congratulations go to a young Russian couple Tatyana and Grigoriy – they had a beautiful day and their photographs were superb.

The next Thai Wedding was of a young couple from England; Scott and Donna - their family came with them and they had a very special day with laughter and smiles. 
This was then followed by a trip on the Panwa Princess to local islands which involved snorkeling, fun in the onboard Jacuzzi and more swimming.
Congratulations and best wishes to you all from the Cape Panwa team

Click here for photographs of more weddings at Cape Panwa.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is coming

The Spirit of Christmas entered our lives in a big way last week - the Hotel’s Christmas tree was put up in the lobby, heavy with gold and silver decorations and festooned with lights

Christmas started two weeks ago for the staff with the sound of drums and chanting. It sounded as if Bollywood was visiting Cape Panwa Hotel but it was only the staff rehearsing their Christmas show. It seems like this year’s show will outstrip last year’s ‘Tigers in a Cage’ extravaganza!

The Christmas Carols start next week, costumes are dusted off and all the goodies ready – all we need now is for Santa to drop by.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Privileges and Sunshine Village

As a guest of Kantary Bay who has attained Gold Privilege Card status for her repeat visits, Jean Wall is allowed to use the Cape Panwa limousine. 

What Jean chose to do with her time with the limousine proved to be very special.  

Jean chose to use the limousine to take her on a visit to Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village was initially set up to support and provide a home to children who lost their families in the tsunami but now helps a greater number of families that need support in the Phuket area.  

Jean brought lots of goodies with her from England to donate to the charity including teddy bears for all of the children. She was very happy with her experience and already has plans to visit again on her next trip to Phuket.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sharing Thai food at Laem Panwa

Traditionally when you sit down to dine Thai-style, everybody has a bit of each other's dinner. This means that the table is covered with an array of plates and bowls and yes (to my mother's horror) people lean over to get food.
They will also lean over to take food from your serving plate - so BE WARNED for the next time that you go out to dine Thai-style with a group of friends.

At the Laem Panwa Restaurant at
Kantary Bay we have two 'sharing' menus for you to choose from.

There is an Introductory Menu; an appetizer, a soup, two main courses, side dishes and a dessert. Then there is also a Classic Menu; with two appetizers, soup, two main courses, two side dishes and a dessert.
Click here for a look at this selection.

Just choose which dishes to share and GO FOR IT!

Whoops, nearly forgot - if you are in a four-person group, you'll only be charged for three.