Friday, October 28, 2011

You only live once

photograph courtesy of Jamie Monk
The first thing that springs to people’s minds when they hear these words and are in Phuket is the James Bond film and ‘that’ rock – but they are also the words of a man who made Phuket his home - John Gray.

Mention John Gray in Phuket and his name brings about a number of different reactions – but we are not discussing John Gray here – if you want to read more about his life or his opinions please read the latest edition of cape+kantary (page 32) or his personal blog.

Rather what we are posting here is that you should explore the islands around Phuket inside and out in a sea-canoe like John Gray did  when you visit Phuket – the breathstopping beauty of the nature that you will find in these places is humbling.

This trip can be made while staying at Cape Panwa Hotel, not only do we have our own private pier from where you can set sail (plus luxury yachts and speedboats if they are more your style),  but the hotel itself is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and coconut trees – unspoiled natural beauty which we have managed to preserve beautifully.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Floods in Thailand

By now most everybody in the world is aware of the floods in Thailand as all the major international news agencies have run with a story about how much damage and sorrow the flooding has caused the people of Thailand.

In Phuket there have been a number of places that have been affected by the seemingly never ending rain that we have had throughout Thailand this year, but when we compare the damage with that experienced in other parts of the country, we have to thank our lucky stars that Phuket has not been touched by the rain.

The Kantary Ayutthaya, (a sister hotel of ours that belongs to the same 'Collection' as the Kantary Bay, Phuket), remains unaffected and has been actively providing relief aid to the flood victims around Ayutthaya in the form of food, water and emergency supplies.

Here at Cape Panwa we have been doing our bit by collecting donations from our kind guests and sending the money directly to this fund.

Other companies in Phuket are also collecting money to aid their fellow countrymen – Tim visited Xtreme Adventures on Sunday and all the money collected by them will also go to victims of the flooding.
more photographs of Kantary Hotel relief

Friday, October 14, 2011

Driving in Thailand - Part 1

This week I thought about a question which I am regularly asked, at least twice a week.

"What do you think of renting a car?"

Now I must share with you that driving in Thailand and / or Phuket is different from other places around the world.

1) Red traffic lights - they mean that it would be a good idea if you stopped here.

2) Flashing red traffic lights – they mean proceed with caution.

3) Driving on the left – well not strictly true, if you have a turning coming up (scratch that) if you want to drive on the right because you want to you can.

4) Driving on the right – there are some roads in Patong where you (are supposed to) drive on the other side…

5) Whose fault is it? – a tourist is a guest in the country and the accident would not have occurred if they had not been visiting – logical.

6) Flashing head lights – GET OUT OF MY WAY.

7) A hand signal to overtake – this means that you can pass me but I take no responsibility for the oncoming traffic – but it’s fine with me…

I could continue but I since I have chosen not to drive here, I wouldn't be speaking from a level of authority. However, I was very happy to find that Thailand was not listed on this website I came across on cross-cultural driving – but did a man in Japan really stop at the traffic lights in the earthquake? 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ouch – that must hurt!

It is that time of year again when people of Chinese descent pay homage to their Gods by turning vegetarian for 10 days.

This is actually a great time to take a good look at your diet and endeavour to be more careful (in the future) about what you eat – so we have been promoting our Vegetarian Menus at all of our restaurants.

The story of the Vegetarian Festival is nothing new to readers of this blog but click here if you want to read about its origins.

The Vegetarian Festival is probably most famous for its riveting mouth and body piercing rituals, which one can witness early in the morning at any one of the Chinese Temples scattered around the island.  This is followed by a colourful parade around the island where entranced devotees give out gifts or beat their backs or stab their tongues with sharp objects.

Then, of course, there are the firecrackers – all in all 'organised chaos' for a few days in Phuket.

Tim took some guests to watch the spectacle, would you dare to join?

(WARNING: some of the images in the links are graphic in nature 
- parental supervision is advised)


Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Cape Bakery in Phuket

Kasemkij has been growing in leaps and bounds with new properties springing up all over the country, and the next visit I intend to make will be to Cape Nidhra in Hua Hin and from all the reviews it looks stunning.

But before I lose myself, I am here to tell you about the latest development outside Kantary Bay in Phuket and I don’t mean the growing number of local vendors selling food along the jetty but the Cape Bakery.

The Cape Bakery is next to the Trading Post convenience store in the Panwa Village and sells the most tempting assortment of fresh breads, cakes and pastries, all baked by our team here at Cape Panwa - as well as Italian ice cream!

You can also order freshly brewed coffee (and there are a great many varieties), which you can sip leisurely whilst watching the sun set over the Bay with the Big Buddha in the distance.

I think I’ll go and check it out this afternoon and make a booking at Cape Nidhra....