Wednesday, August 29, 2018

10 things that you can do in Chiang Mai that do not abuse animals

Today’s post is by - - and is about 10 things that you can do if you visit Chiang Mai that do not involve riding elephants or petting tigers.

1)     Wander around the many temples in town, please remember to dress appropriately

2)     Learn about a monk’s life, when you visit the temples you may even be approached by one and it is a wonderful chance to learn something – we do have monks visiting Kantary Hills daily if you would like to offer alms.

3)     Stuff your face at a night market, this should not be too difficult with the number of places selling food when you go to a market

4)     Visit Doi Inthanon National Park,,  the highest spot in Thailand – read their full travel guide about it -

5)     Climb up a waterfall

6)     Practise Yoga

7)     Visit an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre – be prepared to spend a whole day there

8)     Check out a ginger farm

9)     Take a cooking class

10)  Get a massage

Do all of this and stay with us at the Kantary Hills in Chiang Mai -


Thursday, August 23, 2018

10 must see monuments in Bangkok

Each week we post a link to an article in Bangkok 101 -  - and this is from the April  issue -

“Historic sites that underscore Bangkok’s diverse cultural identity” 

1: The Grand Palace – Bangkok’s most famous landmark and subsequently busy, generally open daily and there is a dress code –

2: Wat Pho – known by many as ‘The Temple of the Reclining Buddha’ – 46 metres long – please dress appropriately –

3: Wat Arun – the ‘Temple of the Dawn’ – take a trip along the river as well, please dress appropriately –

4: Wat Saket – ‘Temple of the Golden Mount’ – on the top of an artificial hill – it was where many bodies were buried… Please recognise the dress code –

5: Loha Prasat – the ‘Iron Castle’ - 37 metal spires which symbolise the 37 virtues needed to attain enlightenment –

6: Phra Sumen Fort – there was several these circling the City but only two are left now –

7: Wat Benchamabophit – also known as the ‘Marble Temple’ because of the Italian marble imported in 1899 to build it –

8: Democracy Monument – built in 1939 to recognise the 1932 revolution that ended the absolute monarchy and introduced Siam’s first constitution –

9: Jim Thompson House – the home of the father of the silk industry in Thailand -

10: Erawan Shrine – originally built because of the bad karma surrounding the building of the Erawan Hotel -

If you visit #Bangkok stay with us at Cape House Hotel - - or Kantary House - and here’s a map -


Friday, August 17, 2018

7 best night markets in Phuket

Each week we post a link to an article we have found in Phuket 101 -  and this week it is about what they tell us is the 7 best night markets in Phuket -

1)     Chillva Market  - a trendy market and popular with the local teenagers with a vast array of things to buy, eat and see – location: and Facebook:

2)     Sunday Walking Street Market – Phuket Old Town is a wonderful place to visit any time but on Sunday this is here! – location:

3)     Phuket Weekend Market – A popular location for tourists and locals, 50% is food, just on the outskirts of Phuket Town -  

4)     Phuket Indy Market – a smaller market in Phuket Town – popular with the school children as it begins to open at 4pm – straight from school! – location:

5)     Malin Plaza Patong - there is a plethora of fresh fruit, vegetables and food here – location:

6)     Karon Temple Market - in a temple and Karon beach is just around the corner – location:

7)     Fun Friday Avenue - more markets are popping up and this one is on the way to Phuket Laguna, close to the BangTao beach – location:

There are a great many more – this selection is just a drop in the ocean and there is a small market over the hill from Cape Panwa Hotel in the evenings if you do not want to travel. Images from Phuket101,  


Saturday, August 11, 2018

10 best things that to do if you visit Bangkok

Today’s post is by Road Affair - - and is about the 10 best things that to do if you visit Bangkok -

“Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is a feast for the senses. The smells, sounds and tastes you’ll come across will make you feel alive.

1.   Eat some street food - there is certainly an abundance of that here!

2.   Go to the Cinema - this is quite a luxury and is not as expensive as some places. Please remember it may be cold and to stand up when the National Anthem is played at the beginning

3.   Ride on the BTS – this will take you all over Bangkok (literally) and you don’t need the traffic – you might want to invest in a ‘Rabbit Card’.

4.   Get a Thai Massage – stay away from Patpong for this, unless this is what you are looking for...

5.   Relax/Workout in Lumpini Park – wonderful early in the morning

6.   Have a Sunset Drink at a Sky Bar – there are a lot to choose from!

7.   Take a Boat Ride on the Chao Phraya River – choose one for just you or the river-bus – which can be very busy!

8.   Do something a little quirky – the Siriraj Medical Museum - -  or the Airplane Graveyard -

9.   Visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market – a wonderful experience but take a big bag with you to carry all that shopping!

10. Go Temple Hopping – there are a plethora in Bangkok to choose from.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

The best in Phuket

Cape+Kantary is a magazine that you will find in all the Cape and Kantary Properties.

In this edition - - (Pages 74-76) one writer visited Phuket and compiled a list for visitors.

"Cape+Kantary Magazine put together a guide to help you get the most from your stay.”

Best Hotel: Cape Panwa Hotel –

Best Tour: John Gray Sea Canoe –

Best Souvenir: Chalong Bay Rum –

Best Coffee: Hock Hoe Lee –

Best Bar: Cue Bar – www.facebook/cuebarphuket

Best CafĂ©: The Food Gallery –

Best Beach: Cape Panwa -

Best Beachside Dining: Panwa House  –

Best Island: Koh Yao Yai -

Best Gallery: Watcharin Rodnit -

We hope that you will decide to stay with us at Kantary Bay - -  or Cape Panwa Hotel -