Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Village Fair

The smell was what
first captured me – what was it? I could not believe it – Candy Floss! I was straight there with the local children and bought 10 sticks to share!

And where did all this take place?

The Laem Panwa School borrowed the Phuket Aquarium’s car park and turned it into a Village Fair to raise money for the local school. I found many of the staff and their children down there on my visit – it was a wonderful atmosphere.

There was a fishing game to play, a lucky draw to enter, balloons, to be purchased, fans to be blown and of course a plethora of exciting foods to be purchased.

Then there was the stage! There were over a 150 chairs arranged to watch the show – and what a show it was – dancing and singing, a magic show – a veritable feast for your eyes, ears and stomach.

Then there were fireworks, more dancing, Karaoke (Mick one of our guests had a go – I was impressed) and spirit balloons…….all to raise money for the local school.

If only this part of Thai culture could be shared with more people?

Click here for more photographs of the Village Fair

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday in May - Rochidee and Pavinee

We have a number of celebrations this month – including the Royal Ploughing Ceremony and Visakha Bucha Day. These celebrations are cultural but there are two more celebrations that also generate a great deal of enthusiasm here.

One is the birthday of Rochidee our effervescent Room Division Manager. He always has a smile on his face and is always charming to our guests. He enjoys listening to music and his favourite artist being Jennifer Lopez - he avidly collects all her music and all her performances. (If you are very kind to him he will demonstrate some moves).

The second birthday this month is for Pavinee our bubbly and engaging Guest Relations staff.  A favourite of many of our guests and the pleasure of spending time with Pavinee is the fact that she loves coming to work at the Cape Panwa Hotel – and this is immediately clear when you meet her. (Her favourite chocolates are Cadbury’s Celebrations).

Happy Birthday Rochidee and Pavinee.

For photographs of the Royal Ploughing Ceremony please click here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

An escape from Paradise to Paradise

After the hectic time of Songkran and Weddings Tim chose to have a break  with his family. He visited Kantary Hills in Chiangmai and what an escape it was.

The air was sweet, the entrance magnificent, the fountain bubbling and all the smiles were Thai. They were swiftly taken to their spacious rooms and Tim nipped into the shop for homemade truffles and ice cream for his girls.

 Following this they went for a walk along the Nimman Road. A world of shopping and dining discounts awaited them simply because they were staying at Kantary Hills! Ice creams, coffees, books, clothes and gifts awaited them, they drifted in and out of the very stylish but small outlets.

The next day involved them rising early to greet the monks and then visiting the local bazaar where more t.shirts, toys and fruits were purchased. They returned home rested and very happy - and wondered when they could go again.

Next time he will buy some vanilla pods - he can't buy them in Phuket.