Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ed and Karen's special day

Karen (the bride) had thought about all those very important little bits; table and tree decorations, cocktail and wine tasting, sun loungers, flower colours and more – thank you it looked wonderful!

In fact Karen had done sooooo much I think that I should have joined Ed’s (the groom) example and played a game of golf!

I do remember that Karen left 2 things at home but with Blackberries (technology) and frantic hand waving between strangers at the airport they managed to arrive.... what did we do without technology?

Ed’s mum fulfilled her motherly duties by ironing Ed’s shirt for his wedding – all be it 20 years after the last shirt she had ironed for him.

It was a lovely day and what was talked about finally came through on that day, the flowers, the dress, the words, the balloons and the friends.

For those who were able to get up the next day (not everybody did) there was a boat trip on the Panwa Princess.

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