Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sharing Thai food at Laem Panwa

Traditionally when you sit down to dine Thai-style, everybody has a bit of each other's dinner. This means that the table is covered with an array of plates and bowls and yes (to my mother's horror) people lean over to get food.
They will also lean over to take food from your serving plate - so BE WARNED for the next time that you go out to dine Thai-style with a group of friends.

At the Laem Panwa Restaurant at
Kantary Bay we have two 'sharing' menus for you to choose from.

There is an Introductory Menu; an appetizer, a soup, two main courses, side dishes and a dessert. Then there is also a Classic Menu; with two appetizers, soup, two main courses, two side dishes and a dessert.
Click here for a look at this selection.

Just choose which dishes to share and GO FOR IT!

Whoops, nearly forgot - if you are in a four-person group, you'll only be charged for three.

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