Friday, February 26, 2010

Congratulations Zoe and Olly

This was certainly a right state of affairs; an Aussie marrying a Pom!?

Olly the groom took part in a Thai kickboxing fight just two days before the actual wedding date but came out unscathed and after winning his match. This made Zoe (the bride) very happy.

The girls took over the spa the next day and everyone had a special massage, after which cocktails were shared and the families and friends started to get ready for the big day.

The Wedding was held at the Panwa House Restaurant on the beach; flowers were everywhere hanging from the trees, scattered on the floor of the restaurant - a very colourful sight.

The music started and Zoe and dad followed the bridesmaids dressed in pink out of Panwa House.

Tears, smiles, kisses and embraces were shared and there was a lovely feeling throughout the group.  A lot of Pimms and Singha was imbibed and a lot of photographs were taken.

Dinner was set and the music began, spirit balloons were lit and the band from the Timber Hut club in Phuket Town was there to share the special day. Then the DJ shook the floor and the party began!

Congratulations to Olly and Zoe!


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