Sunday, March 14, 2010

Piscean Pedicures

As you know, Cape Panwa has its own spa and it is a pleasure to visit and experience the calming music, pleasant aromas and friendly staff who are only too happy to please.  Along with the variety of spa treatments that are available there is a beauty salon for your hair, nails and more.

Our male clientele don’t always go for the pedicure treatment – maybe it’s not a macho thing to do – but there is an alternative with a difference. On the hillside next to Cape Panwa is a shop offering fish pedicures!

I can hear the guffaws of laughter from all you readers – but have you tried it?  You place your feet in a reinforced glass aquarium with lots small fish swimming around and the fish ‘nibble’ at your feet. It’s tickly, it’s strange, it’s sensuous but it most certainly works.

Certainly different…I dare you to have a go.


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