Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can I take these seashells home, please?

Many of us have collected seashells from beaches we have visited and have purchased some useless items made out of seashells from our holiday destinations.  I, personally, have collected larger seashells from diving expeditions, which currently decorate our bathroom.

But where does this leave the country?

 which will no longer have homes and are left to fend for themselves.

The broken seashells make the sand of tomorrow; 
do you want your grandchildren to visit a beach?

permission granted - photo from timinphuket
In Thailand it is illegal to sell the seashells of the land – if you walk along Rawai Beach there is a plethora of seashells, but these are not from Thailand, they are from Indonesia, so it doesn’t matter?

However, I have read that Phuket is the "hub" of seashell collecting in Asia.

Thus this is a personal request to ask you to leave the seashells on the beach. 

Thank you.


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