Monday, November 9, 2009

Loy Kratong at Cape Panwa Hotel

This annual celebration falls on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month, usually in mid November. At this time the moon is brightest and the tides highest.

Loy Krathong literally means 'floating basket' and they are made of the trunk of a banana tree -
click here for photographs of Cape Panwa making Krathongs. The Krathong is pushed away from the water bank. A wish is then made, with the hands being raised in a traditional Thai'wai', as the Krathong floats away with the current.

The Loy Krathong festival dates back to the time of the Sukhothai Kingdom, about 700 years ago. It marked the end of the rainy season and the main rice harvest and is based on a Hindu tradition.

Another tradition of Loy Krathong is Miss Nopamas - one year, a beautiful woman called Nopamas, made some special lanterns for the festival. She made them from banana leaves and shaped them like lotus flowers. The king was so impressed with what he saw, he announced that krathongs would be floated on the water every year from then on. Today, the memory of the woman who made the first krathong is remembered in a beauty contest called "The Nopamas Queen Contest" - and Tasanee won this year.

Please vote for your favourite Miss Nopamas - look at the photographs in the margin.

Click here if you would like to see the Celebration of Loy Krathong at Cape Panwa Hotel.

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