Sunday, January 16, 2011

Special Weddings at Cape Panwa

At the same time as the ‘organised’ (Tim really tried, honest) events of Christmas and New Year, we had two weddings and thankfully no funerals.

The first wedding was between Ying and Mazen. This was a meeting of two people who have lived in Phuket for some time and had simply fallen in love.
How more classic can you get than that?

The special day began with Mazen and his friends arriving on a long-tail boat together and Mazen waving a pink flag that declared his love for Ying.

Ying then breezed along the beach with her father who gave her away in an emotional ceremony on the beach – surrounded by a lot of friends.

At the end of the ceremony Ying and Mazen poured some champagne to share and then quietly disappeared whilst their friends enjoyed it all.

Drinks were shared, followed by dinner at good old Panwa House – followed by a fire show and spirit balloons.

The second wedding was of Marina and Vjeko. I do believe that this was the first Croatian marriage ever at Cape Panwa.

It was a graceful and touching ceremony. Special vows were exchanged and the smiles on the couple's faces said it all.

Congratulations Ying and Mazen

Congratulations Marina and Vjeko


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