Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Local canoe race

There was a special event last weekend  at the Klong Mudon Canal, which is located in a village close to Cape Panwa – canoe races!

The local schools were there in force – there were cheer leaders dressed in a variety of outfits, children playing instruments, food and seats for everyone.

The arrival of the food carts – deep-fried potato whirls, Thai drinks, Thai jellies, candy-floss and more - was especially welcomed by the children.  They happily munched and crunched on their snacks – in retrospect they needed the energy for all their vigorous cheering.

The canoes arrived and the children began to chant, to drum and to smile – it was a truly wonderful environment, even when it rained the Thai people did not mind.

The races were run and people were cheered – I don’t know who won but it didn’t seem to matter.

Wondering if Cape Panwa should organise a team next year?

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