Saturday, September 24, 2011

Red Turtles and now Insects??

During the English classes at Cape Panwa that Tim teaches, I know he learns an awful lot of things about Thailand and how the Thai people live, which he sometimes likes to share with the rest us.

Recently, after visiting Sapan Hin (in the far South of Phuket) and the local market that is there every evening, his topic of discussion for his English Class  the next day was "Insects and where they can be found in Phuket" – I laughed and told him to come to my house in the late afternoon, especially after it had rained.

Tim scoffed and said – noooo Insects to eat!

I was then shown some photographs and a photoblog of Phuket and was horrified to see that they are very popular.  He then told me that he was going to the market before the staff party... to eat some - he told me that the worms were quite nice actually!!!!!!!



  1. I tried them because I really wanted to know how they taste before I could objectively write about it... It's a lot of fun, but honestly I would not eat more then necessary! :D Did you?

  2. I would agree I did not eat more than necessary but a bite was enough. It helped to close my eyes with the crickets, the silk worms were similar to crisps!