Friday, October 28, 2011

You only live once

photograph courtesy of Jamie Monk
The first thing that springs to people’s minds when they hear these words and are in Phuket is the James Bond film and ‘that’ rock – but they are also the words of a man who made Phuket his home - John Gray.

Mention John Gray in Phuket and his name brings about a number of different reactions – but we are not discussing John Gray here – if you want to read more about his life or his opinions please read the latest edition of cape+kantary (page 32) or his personal blog.

Rather what we are posting here is that you should explore the islands around Phuket inside and out in a sea-canoe like John Gray did  when you visit Phuket – the breathstopping beauty of the nature that you will find in these places is humbling.

This trip can be made while staying at Cape Panwa Hotel, not only do we have our own private pier from where you can set sail (plus luxury yachts and speedboats if they are more your style),  but the hotel itself is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and coconut trees – unspoiled natural beauty which we have managed to preserve beautifully.


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