Saturday, November 12, 2011

Loy Krathong at Cape Panwa

Loy Krathong has always brought our guests images of pretty ladies trying to get a guest to buy them a rose and then placing placing small flower decorated floats on the water but what is Loy Krathong really all about?

A Krathong is a piece of material that floats, which are decorated with elaborately, folded banana leaves, a coin, flowers, candles and incense sticks.  This is believed to be symbolic of letting go of our grudges and anger so we can cleanse ourselves. Some people will add a fingernail or hair to the Krathong as emphasis.

So what about all these pretty ladies?

These beauty contests are referred to as Nopphamat Queen Contests.  The story behind this is not quite as clear, we are led to believe a Miss Nopphamat presented the King with a Krathong and the King was so impressed by the exquisiteness of the Krathong that he recommended that they be made on this day.

Our thanks are given to the Goddess of Water (Phra Mae Khongkha / พระแม่คงคา).

Many people do it for fun and it is fun.
Late news

Similar events were held at all 15 Kasemkij Hotels properties across the
Cape, Kantary and Kameo Collections, raising a total of Baht 320,000 to
support flood relief.


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