Saturday, December 10, 2011

Phuket Heritage – discovering traditional Phuket

There are a great many things that you can do on your trip to Phuket and we are sure that you have been told about most of them – Elephant rides, Xtreme Adventure Park, Wat Chalong, Big Buddha, Bangla Road, Laem and Sapan Hin, weekend markets, John Gray Sea Canoe (he went on a Heritage Trail) Gibbon Rehabilitation Park, waterfalls and more.

a Phuket Heritage Trail with Jamie in Phuket
One of the things that you probably won't find in the usual guide books but that we highly recommend is a guided exploration of Phuket Town and there is only one way of doing it and this is by contacting Phuket Heritage Trails – contact them through facebook or through Jamie in Phuket.

photo used with kind permission - Phuket Heritage Trails
Phuket Heritage unveils Phuket’s fascinating sino-colonial history and links it to many of the island’s current traditions, explaining the Tin Mining era, the Baba Festival, the Por Tor Festival and much much more.  

This is a side of Phuket that is not normally shared with visitors. But if you are interested in learning  more about the roots of the beautiful people on this beautiful island it’s worth contacting these guys on your next visit.

Take time to have a look – you will not be disappointed, Raj and Shalini, 
our latest guests to try it, weren't.