Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do you need your computer?

Working in a hotel you get used to seeing people cradling their Duty Free bottle of 50 year old wooden cask matured whisky – not that I can taste the difference and I am a Thai Whisky Man mind you, (Tim can’t handle the Thai stuff).

But these days we see more and more guests arriving 
cradling their net-book or portable computer.

Kasemkij properties have embraced this trend and provide free wireless Internet in most public areas and if you really must stay connected 24-7,  Internet can also be paid for in your room.

BUT if you only need to email home to tell your mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle or lover you have arrived safely guests of Cape Panwa Hotel can use the computer in the lobby 15 minutes a day (per room) free – so no more excuses!


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