Sunday, August 19, 2012

Something I should have done 30 years ago

"It's something I should have done 30 years ago" - over Happy Hour cocktails at Top of the Reef Tim challenged me to guess what the "something" was that a particular guest had lamented to him about earlier that morning. 

Answer: Scuba Diving.

The guest then walked into the bar and Tim introduced us. He was positively glowing as he recounted how he had wanted to take up diving some 30 years ago but had only just gotten down to it here at Cape Panwa Hotel.  

He had tried the free 'introduction to scuba' session offered by the diving company ‘Sea Bees’  in the hotel pool and was so hooked he immediately signed on for a proper beginners' course!!!  

I would have liked to introduce him to one of our regular guests Brian who was here two weeks previously. Brian went diving at Koh Racha Yai and Noi, Koh Dok Mai, Shark Point and Phi Phi and he always dives with 'Sea Bees’ – “a brilliant company” he always tells me.

Here are some of Brian’s photographs – what did you want to do 30 years ago? 
Could you do it during your trip to Phuket?



  1. Wonderful photos. I saw same while snorkeling. Something I would never have done in the past but since coming to Thailand & Cape Panwa 15 years ago and every yr since. Just love it and I am almost 59 but never too old to try new experiences

  2. Thanks Kathy - it's always worth trying things out...