Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cycling in Historic Phuket

Tim got more than he bargained for when he (foolishly some may say) agreed to take part in an organised mass bicycle ride in Phuket Town.

Claude (the GM) was invited but he swiftly turned the offer down.

The four-hour bicycle ride was not hard - there weren't any hills on the cycle route - maybe they should have been made to cycle up the biggest hill in Phuket Town - Rang Hill?

The riders met in Phuket Town and then rode to Sapan Hin. At Sapan Hin Park they planted trees to help to counter the effects of the CO2 pumped into our atmosphere - a good touch - and then the group headed back to the Phuket Town

They then cycled around Phuket Town to have a look at the historic Sino-Portuguese properties and the Chinese Temples - even visiting a museum in the Thavorn Hotel dedicated to Old Phuket.

The morning wound up at a traditional Thai restaurant in 
old Phuket Town called Lok Tien.


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