Saturday, June 5, 2010

Phuket Town - going underground

Imagine my surprise when I strolled down Thalang road in Phuket Town and my eyes drifted skyward.

Where had all the wires/TV cables/telephone cables gone?  
I could actually see the sky…

Removing all the unsightly cables has been a vast improvement on the quality of your visit - Phuket Town has so much to explore and now you can view the inherent beauty of the structures. The area’s Sino-Portuguese buildings can be seen in all their former glory.  This simple aesthetic change transforms this atmospheric and historic part of Phuket – and there is a lot of history in Phuket Town.

Phuket Town is steeped in history – mostly relating to the Chinese who came to work the tin mines over 200 years ago but I have yet to find an opium den or played a game of Mahjong with Shanghai Lil but there is a lovely museum and lots of restaurants to discover.

The current Governor of Phuket indicates that this ‘clean-up’ project does not stop here – there are more roads to be done – Yaowarat, Krabi, Dibuk and Phang-nga roads are on the list and due for an overhaul – watch this space.

Cape Panwa has an air-conditioned bus which runs twice daily to old Phuket Town for 80 baht one way OR you could try the local buses which run from the bottom of the hill.

It is certainly an improvement.


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