Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sports Day and More

The annual Fun-Run, a jog from the local village, started early (for some) – last year’s winner Kim was the favourite but most of the staff were there just for fun – check out the photographs of this hilarious event.  The staff started off at a quick pace, with Tim riding his bicycle while filming a movie: probably his favourite shots were of Pavinee and Krittaya riding in a sidecar.

Congratulations to 'Mr Big' for coming first. And a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated.

THEN the rain arrived… but this did nothing to dampen anyone’s spirits, although quite a few people got soaked externally. The band started up, a tiger-figure (Varoon) leapt about and the rain came swooping in.

But absolutely nothing could stop the teams from playing takraw (a Southeast-Asian ‘volleybal’ played with the feet with a rattan ball.)

Playing conditions were awful with mud puddles and squalls but the teams’ cheerleaders got the match to fever pitch.  In short, the grueling match was played out under tortuous conditions. And the winner? Who cares? This is Thailand… 

This was followed the next night by the Staff Party - but that's a whole new story


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