Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 Miss Thailands stay at Cape Panwa

The hotel was abuzz with the bellboys wearing bigger grins and bouncier steps to their stride than normal: and the reason? The 30 contestants for Miss Thailand were coming to stay for three days.

The mostly eighteen-year-old contestants arrived with an enormous entourage of hairdressers, makeup artists, the media and some ‘other’ people… don’t ask.  The front desk kept them busy with questions about what they were going to do and was it possible to have a photo taken with them – although some of our guests told the staff that they were more beautiful than the contestants. That must have gone down well. 

The girls tried their hand at a number of water sports – canoeing being the main one – but not one fell in and mussed her perfectly coiffed hair in the slightest. You’ve got hand it to these girls, however young they are; they’re professionals.

A not-so painful-to-the-ears karaoke party was the highlight of the last day and they left us all happy with a pile of photographs. 

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