Sunday, February 19, 2012

Natural beauty, natural scenery and abundant smiles

The numerous websites, compiling the escapades of holidaymakers, although entertaining reading, often fails to offer the complete Phuket experience.

There are many places of stunning natural beauty in Phuket that can be easily accessed by visitors. A favourite of Tim's is Khao Pra Taew National Park - the last protected rainforest on the island.

Here, there is a beautiful waterfall set in the mountains called Bang-Pae Waterfall. The many times I have visited there have been local people swimming in it, but I never remember to bring my swim suit. 

Don’t forget to bring yours. 
Have fun!

They also have a Gibbon Rehabilitation Project that tries to reintegrate gibbons back into the wild; usually after the animal has spent years in a nappy, sitting on someone’s  shoulder. 

For a lunch of typical Thai food and hospitality surrounded by peaceful nature, try the local restaurant – "Peang Prai" – which overlooks  a serene lake.


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