Thursday, February 2, 2012

Phuket Old Town Festival

Phuket Old Town with its vibrant multicultural past still very much in evidence is a rather special place - and a must for anyone visiting the island.

The Phuket Old Town Festival, held during the Chinese New Year, is a celebration of the history of Phuket and the cultural influence of the Chinese settlers that bears very much on the island today.  Tim our Guest Relations Manager, took a group of guests to join this festival.

The normally busy streets were closed to all traffic, which meant that you were able to wander freely within the Town. Some of our guests went to Soi Romanee to check out the bars and the cafes, others went to watch the Chinese Dragon Dancing while the rest wandered fascinated among the colourful stalls selling local knickknacks and goodies.

The streets were very busy and full of the unexpected, from "living" statues, curry puffs and rainbow cupcakes to children playing ukuleles. There was a bit of rain but it could not dampen the spirits of the Thai people out for a good time.

Thank you to all.


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