Sunday, December 2, 2012

I am Mayor of Cape Panwa

I was having dinner in Panwa House at Cape Panwa Hotel, watching and listening, to a group of young people as they sat at their table and ate their dinner, whilst tapping on their phones.  

One loudly exclaimed (which is why I noticed): “I am the Mayor of Panwa House.” I immediately thought that something was odd.

I spoke to Chaovirit, the Assistant Front Office Manager, and social IT media expert , and he explained to me that foursquare was a social media tool where the user checks-in to locations they visit. 

The user who ‘checks-in’ the most often is the Mayor of that place: it’s simple really.

I am not the Mayor of anywhere yet, but I do have some badges. I have since read that Tim and Chaovarit are both Mayors of different places. Download the App and have a look. 

(Editor’s Note: I am the Mayor of 5 places and have 11 badges. Beat that!) 


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