Friday, March 9, 2012

Transport in Phuket – Part 1 - Songtaews

An alternative to driving yourself around in Phuket is to opt for the local means of transport. Why drive and maintain a vehicle when there are a plethora of choices?

The 'songtaew' is a traditional way of getting around the island - for you and your goods, be it food from ‘Super Cheap’, car parts, boxes of cheap alcohol or 
your surf-board.

The hub of this transport service is located in Phuket Town and all routes begin and end here.  Here is a timetable and prices for this system BUT please do not expect it to work exactly.  Drivers have friends to drop into, people to deliver petrol to and special routes to take. Of course, don’t expect them to speak English or understand exactly where you want to go.

I no longer want to hear that Phuket has no public transport system and we need a monorail… more careful drivers, maybe?


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