Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Monkey Seeing" and seeing the monkeys

photographs used with permission
How would you like to feed the monkeys? And I am not referring to those kept in cages because I know my editor frowns upon the abuse of animals in captivity here in Phuket.

The closest place to Cape Panwa Hotel where you can see monkeys is the local village of Borae (Ed – near Tim’s house).  Here, there is a local evening market adjacent to the Klong Mu-Dong, a canal famous for its annual canoe races. Walk to the end of the canal's pier, next to the boat huts, and you will find the locals feeding the monkeys that gather around every evening in that area.

You can also feed the monkeys on a hill in Phuket Town – Monkey Hill, whilst you are there you should also see the nearby Chinese Temple and drop by ‘Green Forest’ a local restaurant worth paying a visit.

‘Monkey Seeing’ on Si-Ray island is another place to feed the local monkeys. ‘Monkey Seeing’ is a small point built into a mangrove swamp, adjacent to a little car park where food to feed these monkeys is sold.

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