Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Can I just borrow a bicycle?"

This was a very simple question that Tim was faced with early one morning.

It sounded simple but after 20 minutes of phone call Tim was a little bemused because it was not that easy because the bike companies could help but not right then!

Tim was even more embarrassed when the staff suggested to him that Tim lend him his bicycle… because Tim has been very lazy and not been using it for the last month and it was not at Cape Panwa.

(Ed – that’s why Tim’s getting comments about his weight – hint, hint)

Tim was stumped, he had failed his concierge test…

Jamie (the guest) returned later with smiles later and Tim was prepared to apologize BUT Jamie indicated that there was no need – 2 villagers knew ‘Baz’ and ‘Ray’ who could lend him a bike.

Tanned and happy Jamie got what he wanted

View tim in phuket - a bicycle ride in a larger map

Now is there a local who has a Harley Davidson?


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