Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another road sign?

There are a plethora of bars in Phuket and I spend much of my time listening to my friends telling me their escapades around Phuket and many of these tales I have been sworn to secrecy - Mike, Russell and Peter.

But I do smile when my friends tell me of spelling mistakes in menus, adverts and ladies speech… 

I was then shocked to find that these mistakes also creep into the Highway signs that offer the tourist a degree of hope that at least they are heading in the right direction.

But This is Thailand (TIT) and I shrug my shoulders and think whether I could be a proof reader… (no I couldn’t) BUT then I am surprised to find that the “Department of Highways allows private organisations to have roadside signs” AND then charge an amount per year after the location has been approved.

The Department of Highways will not make the sign for you but will recommend businesses that can…

No wonder there are so many signs that are clearly home made?  But are these legal?

'lost in translation' signs.


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