Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The anthill’s value to some cultures in Asia

Ant Hill @ Kathu Waterfall - photograph with permission

Last week a guest approached the Front Office staff with a new question...the type that one hardly anticipates, leaving Tim at a loss for words (Ed – not normal for Tim).

The guest was curious about an anthill he had seen in the local park - someone had erected a small tin roof over it AND placed a Jasmine garland as an offering!

Suriya came to Tim’s rescue (once again); he told the guest that the anthill is perceived by some people as an omen of ‘Good Luck’ and so when they find one they put up a shrine to it and pay it due respect.

In fact, these are not “ant” hills but “termite” hills and this belief comes from ancient Hindu folklore, when most people worshipped Animism.


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