Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moonshine in Thailand

I received an interesting question from a guest last week. He wanted to know what was the strange liquor he and his wife were sold when they were walking down the streets of Phuket looking for a Yves St Laurent handbag – anyway that was what they told me.

There are different forms of indigenous alcoholic brews all over the world – in Thailand it is "Ya Dong".  To make this you must first purchase a bottle of readymade "mixed herbs" from the local pharmacist and mix it with Lao Khao (homemade rice whisky) and honey. Then "Dong" or "ferment" the mixture by storing it for about a week and presto you have a herb-infused-intoxicant with many alleged "Ya" or "medicinal" qualities

I am told that it is sometimes sold as an aphrodisiac and according to Tim, he was lucky to be able to find his way back to his waiting taxi after experimenting.

I do see a link to the Thai word ‘Ya Ba’ - which means "crazy medicine" though.  But if you want here is a link to where you can have a taste of it in Phuket – once was enough for Tim.


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