Thursday, September 27, 2012

Boycotting dishes that are the byproduct of animal cruelty

Whilst I was waiting for my flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket yesterday, after a weekend break at the Kantary Hills Hotel, I overheard a conversation between a tour guide and one of their customers.

“Where can I find Shark Fin Soup?”

I was not pleased when the tour guide reeled off half a dozen restaurants that were selling this dish of disastrous proportions. I immediately contacted Cape Panwa Hotel to ensure that these restaurants were not listed in our Concierge.

To my relief they were not, and then I was informed that while I was away the owner of Kasemkij Hotels (the owner of 15 hotels across Thailand) and also its Executive Director and TSPCA President had announced that Shark Fin, Bird’s Nest and Foie Gras would not be served in any of our properties. 


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  1. Unfortunately the shop indicated in the photograph above has had a recent make-over - removing the shark fin on the top but still selling the same food :-(