Monday, October 29, 2012

A street procession in Phuket Town

My boss decided to stay a little longer this week because he wanted to go on the John Gray Sea Canoe Trip – which meant I could go with Tim and some of the guests to view the Vegetarian Festival Street Procession in Phuket Town - thanks!

Horrifying, fascinating and strange is how I describe it – spirit-possessed people referred to as "Mah Song" walking through Phuket Town with any number of things pierced through their bodies. They were followed by other Mah Song who were hitting themselves with sharp instruments. Then there were the spirit-possessed ladies who were skipping through the town giving out gifts to all the young children. More people followed but I could not continue to watch.

This morning was all too much for me (and some of the guests) so I took refuge in a lovely coffee shop on the Clocktower Circle.

Note to Editor: Well I am not doing that again! Secretly it was fascinating, but don’t tell Tim because he will only tell me he was right and sometimes men enjoy that too much.

(Ed – agreed! – whoops!)


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