Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Things to See and Do at Night

Cape+Kantary is a magazine that you will find in all the Cape and Kantary Properties.In every edition there is always an article that we like to share. In this Issue 15 - (Pages 29-35) one writer (Trevor Ranges) wrote about things to see and do at night.

“Perhaps you’re travelling with your family or you’re not into the party scene. Well, there are more than a few different things to do around Thailand at night, and, no, it’s not all about shopping; though it certainly can be, if you want it to be.

1)     Star Gazing – try the remote location and if it’s a beach spread out a blanket and gaze.

2)     Night scuba Diving – you need special equipment to do this so do your homework before you go.

3)     Walk on Pattaya’s wild side – the carnival-esque atmosphere of their Walking Streets, might be what you are looking for…

4)     Hong by Starlight Paddling Trip with John Gray Sea Canoe – the ultimate way to avoid the crowds and is such a beautiful experience.

5)     Hit some balls – golf illuminated at night?

6)     Fresh fruit and flower market at Bangkok’s Pak Khlong Talad – open 24 hours a day and a bustling place.

7)     JJ Green Vintage Night Market open on a variety of days - and next to Bangkok’s magnificent Chatuchak Market.

8)     A multitude of movies – the Thai cinemas offer a great deal.

9)     Night ride – take a bicycle out for a short spin, a unique way to see Bangkok – 

10)  Play some games, there several themed bars in Thailand that offer this…

For all the other ideas please visit http://www.capekantaryhotels.com/ckmagazine/Issue15/index.html  - (Pages 29-35) 

And then it is time for a good night’s sleep; there is always a Cape and Kantary Hotel nearby.


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