Monday, December 3, 2018

Bangkok's Secret Training and Workout Spots

Each week we post a link to an article in Bangkok 101 - and today the article is Sweat in the City (of Bangkok) – a guide to Bangkok’s best secret training and workout spots - original article by Craig Suaers who mentions;

“…perpetually tropical weather, the curious urban planning (or lack of), motorbike taxis, mobile vendors, the fluid and often poetic brand of chaos…”

There are several of those gyms with running machines next to the bicycle next to the rowing machine next to the noisy person with a lovely view of the traffic but the article here encourages you to look for somewhere different to work out.

Volleyball – the Bangkok BeachVolleyball Social Group can help you with this

Rock Climbing may not be on the lips of many when you are in the chaos of Bangkok but you can - Urban Playground - is a great place to start and they have so many other choices that you can make here

This is something popular for the children to have a go at whilst there is a lot more for you to choose from - - and they do parties as well!

Now, there is an increase in popularity of the marathon and the triathlon so a place to have a go at these is wanted – look at what is here -

Wat Don Cemetery
An ostensibly peaceful park with a plethora of activities in it from skateboarders, karaoke, joggers and morethis is not just green space but there are hundreds of Chinese Tombs - - elevated above the ground. Locally known as Pa Cha Wat Don (สุสานแต้จิ๋ว) the history of it is quite ‘Hollywood’ but in 1966 three local foundations renovated and embraced the park.   

If you stay with us at Cape House Lumpini Park - - is just around the corner, but the interesting park might be worth a visit as the sun sets….


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