Saturday, December 15, 2018

Guide to Exploring the best of Thailand

Today’s post is by Tom and Anna - - and is about the Thailand Bucket List: Guide to Exploring the best of Thailand -

Today we will share with you their list of things to do in Bangkok & Central Thailand.

While Bangkok is a big metropolitan city, however, if you venture just a little bit further, you will be pleasantly surprised with quiet neighborhoods and pleasant historical gold mines like the UNESCO heritage sites in Ayutthaya or the beautiful wildlife by Khao Yai National Park.

1: Visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok and marvel at the intricately designed temples and palaces – this is a must for everyone who visits Bangkok -

2: Cruise down the River Chao Phraya – you might get a little wet.

3: People watch in the busy streets of Khao San Road – you will certainly meet other people watching you! - 

4: Dare yourself to eat a few bugs and crickets – surprisingly healthy, then how about the scorpions on a stick!!!?

5: Watch a Traditional Muay Thai fight – not for the squeamish

6: Shop till you drop in Chatuchak Market - -  and many of Bangkok’s Traditional markets – remember to bring an empty bag with you or a rucksack and check the items fit in your suitcase when you go home – please remember Buddha figurines are not for decoration and will be confiscated by the Airport Officials.

7: Eat your weight in Pad Thai, Tom Yum and all the other delicious Thai street food – this is everywhere!

8: Visit the Historic City of Ayutthaya – a place which is submerged in culture and history - 

9: Visit the floating market in Bangkok and watch the chaos of vendors float by – try some of the food prepared by the chefs and marvel as they are able to balance their cooking

10: Go skydiving in Pattaya

11: Go Trekking in Khao Yai National Park to see the incredible wildlife.

This is just a drop in the ocean – the list continues next week here or the complete list is here - and we would also like you to stay with us at one of our Cape and Kantary Hotels. You will not be disappointed - 


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