Thursday, May 31, 2018

Phuket - Fun to stay Fit

Cape+Kantary is a magazine that you will find in all the Cape and Kantary Properties. In every edition, there is always an article that we like to share
In this edition - - (Pages 84-85) one writer visited Cape Panwa Hotel and looked at keeping fit.
Going on holiday for most people when they choose a beach holiday means finding that place to sit and the suntan lotion OR relaxing in some shade with a good book.

Applying the self-discipline to get up and be energetic with the two choices above is not always easy!
There is a number of things that you can do on the beach at Cape Panwa Hotel which are fun and keep you fit.

1)     Swimming – in either of the pools or when the tide is high
2)     Canoeing – share one with a friend or go by yourself
3)     Wind-surfing – fingers crossed for the wind
4)     Beach – walking up and down a few times might be a good idea
5)     Walk down to the beach – don’t take the tram
6)     Thai Boxing – for those who need to feel the ‘pain’
7)     Paddle Board – a bit more strenuous than the canoe
8)     Table Tennis and Badminton can also be played
9)     Yoga – relax and keep fit
Enjoy your stay with us at #CapePanwaHotel and choose any of the above activities to keep fit.
Original text courtesy of #CapeandKantary and Trefor Cowles.


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